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Originally Posted by behzad_sol View Post
well I get this error only in Hove Beach area, not any other areas. I didn't install any patches myself because I have some problems with them. for testing install 1.4 patch, I hope that it can helps
Ok i will try that and report back. Thanks

Update: Ok i installed the Skyline Z-Tune and i spent like 30min trying to find it but the game did not crash or anything so i guess teh 1.4 patch helped. I will install the other 2 cars and test again, thanks for the help and +rep.

Ok i installed the Supra and i was driving around for about 10-20min and then my screen just went black but the music was still playing this happens when i play Battlefield 2 as well, ill figure this issue later but so far it seems that installing the 1.4 patch has fixed my error i just hope i can install the 300zx or the Brabus without any issues. Thank you very much Behzad i would rep you but it says i have to spread some reputation around even though i did.

It seems that it is working fine now, i installed a few more cars and played for 30min and no problems at all.

EDIT: Now all of the cars work including the 300ZX and the Brabus V12.

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