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Fixing the GTAIV stability of framerate with a quadcore CPU

Hi there,

I found a personal fix to make the framerate more stable in the game.

I have an Intel Q6600 cpu running at 3,2Ghz (FSB at about 355 so the multiplier still goes to 9).

I found out that after some time.. the game framerate became unstable. I tried some things, but this last effort seems to work for me.

I put the standard affinity on 3 cores, the last 3 (not the first). And put the priority above normal. It is quite hard to figure out how to do this with a commandline, so I use the program Process Lasso. It even has Gaming Mode .

It used to be core1 90% load and core 2,3,4 at about 55-65%...
Now i have core 2,3,4 at about 85-90% continuous load (core1 disabled for the game). It seemed that core1 was bottlenecking the entire game, especially stability. Now my GPU-load is a bit higher and the CPU is more equally stressed (minus core1 of course).

Greetings and good luck getting more stability,


If you have a second monitor.. try running the Sensors-tab in GPU-z for your vid.card (or more GPU-z if you have more than one vid.card) and open up the tab Performance in Task Manager and see your cores fight out the load with 4 and 3 cores.

Remember.. Process Lasso (it is free for the first 14 days). Hmm.. just found out it only works without nagging messages for 14 days. After that you get to wait and click OK. Pity... It works pretty good..

note: I already had a stable FPS with my graphics settings adjusted (below VGA.Ram limit) with 4 cores for the BEGINNING of the game.

Just to put my own stuff back up top.

Originally Posted by fluxtras View Post
Yeah, i found alt tabbing working a bit too. However process lasso does a far better working solution for the stability. I found putting it to 3 cores at the start of the game and then switching back to 4 by alt tabbing to process lasso brought the workload more stability to the 4 cores. So in the end you have aproper 4 core functioning game.

Btw i got my fsb @400 now and the multiplier back to 8. Little voltage boost and the ram more in sync to fsb compared to 355 fsb.


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