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playerped - Niko Biker

Hey guys, I load up the new SparkIV which works with 1.04 or w.e. it is, I do everything it tells me to do, go into the game, and the clothes that niko has on are the default ones.

If you know the mod you'll know it's just 2 png files that over ride his default old clothes, And since i just started the PC version, and it's prac a fresh game I've got those clothes on.

... But in game it's just the original Russian stuff.

BUT if i go back into SparkIV it still says the files have been changed. mmm Any ideas?

All i did too patch was run some cmd "magic" thing And made all files not read only, the game works, the camera hack works, but this doesn't work......

Please explain what i did wrong, it's just a simple Freaking PNG conversion and it's messing up, gah...
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