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GTA IV keeps crashing


Two weeks ago i've treated myself on a new PC. The "old" one was two years old. It was getting a bit slow for some games. I played GTA 4 on it, but it always runs stuck and all.

So i've installed my brand new fast PC, and installed GTA 4. Ran all the updates. It runs very smoothly and the details are high, no problems.. well there are, sometimes the screen is blackish, and i have to adjust the settings to look normal. Not a very big deal.

The big deal is that after 10 minutes, or sometimes half an hour or an hour the game just freezes.
First I see the textures "falling behind" and after a few seconds the game freezes.(The video card temperature is not high) Sometimes I can close the program with Task manager, sometimes it's so worse that I have to turn my PC off. What the hell? I've got a good PC and still i have problems, I can't even play normal? Can anyone help? Here are my specs:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q8300 (S775, 4x2.5GHz, 4MB, 1333MHz FSB)
Motherboard: Asus P5KPL-CM
Memory: Kingston 4 GB, DDR2, 800 mhz
Video Card: Ati HD4850, 1024 MB, DDR3

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