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Ultraussie is on a distinguished roadUltraussie is on a distinguished road
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Test Drive Unlimited
Kids Maths Quest (which is actually a super-hard 3rd person shooter, apparently)
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix (My online is Ultraussie)
Need for speed Carbon, Most wanted, Prostreet
Dukes of Hazzard return of the general lee
Smugglers Run 2
Jackie Chan Adventures: The VideoGame.
Ford Racing 3 (Australian Edition)
The simpsons Hit And Run
SpyToy (AKA EyeToy Spy)
EyeToy Play 2
Harry Potter and the Prisinor of Azkaban (so hard so hard)

Rule Number 1: Dont listen to the stupid rules, Except Rule Number 1 and 2.
Rule Number 2: Dont forget rule number 1 and 2.
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