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just registered on here after reading for a while...

i wanted to play online again today.. haven't done that for about a week now.. f*ckin work .__.

anyways.. after installing that patch (and giving up all asiloader related stuff) the game just doesn't start anymore.

it checks for the DVD, screen goes blank (but the taskbar still remains visible) and nothing happens..
went into the taskmanager.. gtaiv.exe "not responding".. *grr*

well .. then i tried starting the game directly (not through the social club)..
got the same message as in post #1 ... (just translated..)

OS is XP.. just a wannabe-vista style

WTF? seriously..

i'm gonna try to reinstall IV and see if something got messed up..
probably the only thing that's messed up is the patch itself

this is so god damn annoying.. being forced to update the game to play online... and then the game doesnt even work anymore..

n1 R* ..

i'm kinda angry right now..
takes forever to reinstall IV.. and i don't even know if that fixes it..

from the "pi▀wasser" country..


BTW: sorry for my english.. ._.
i'm not a native english speaker..
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