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Yea I know that. I'm just stuck at the traction part.

Anyway, I just made some breakthrough today. Finally found out how to keep the car glued to the ground like spiderman.

Anyway, for the benefit of others (Note that this is what I believe to be true. It MAY NOT be so. If you think my information is wrong, then please go ahead and correct me. It's for the benefit of others. ):

The "Force" under Transmission is the pick-up speed, if I'm not wrong. Raising it would increase how fast the car picks up; too much however would cause your car to skid and most likely you'd lose control.

"Velocity" is like the horsepower, I guess. More horsepower, faster it goes.

The Mass & Centre of Mass is quite straightforward; I made my SultanRS 140000.0 with a drag multiplier of 9.0. Anyone can tell me what the drag multiplier is about?

Anyway, the increased mass means the only car that can actually hit and move your car, is the one you modded. I can basically go and top speed on the Highway and every other car just fly when I touch them. Not the most realistic thing ever, but it's useful.

Centre of Mass is just where the CG is. Physics 101. The lower the CG, the more stable it is. I didn't do anything dramatic though. Mine is at 0.0, 0.2, -0.4, for X, Y and Z respectively.

X is the horizontal axis if I'm not wrong- a positive number would mean the CG is on the right, negative on the left. 0 is at the centre. I left it at 0.
Y is the vertical axis: a positive number would mean CG is towards the front, negative towards the back.
Z is the three-dimensional axis: a positive means it's higher, a negative means it's lower. I set this to -0.4, but I'm sure you can set it to 1092384023984 if you want. This is useful because your car flips back easier when it flies in the air, or something like that.


I haven't played much with the traction yet, but I found out something useful.

If you want your car to stick to the ground like a F1 car, increase the Curve Min. Set it to 2.0 - 4.0, depending on your Transmission force & velocity.

My SultanRS's Force is at 0.4, velocity at 300. My Curve Min is only at 2.2. Even at 2.2 it's quite responsive, perhaps overly so.

Next, the Damage tab. I just set everything to 0.0. If you can't figure what this is, don't try modding the car. Kthx.

One very interesting thing I found is the Flags Editor, under the Misc tab.

Not sure what the IS_BUS, IS_VAN do, other than aesthetic purposes. Someone enlighten me?

For me, I just selected the OFFROAD_ABILITY under the Handling Flags. Quite useful.

Once again, this information is as correct as I believe it is. If you find something wrong, feel free to correct me. It's for the benefit of everyone anyway.
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