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From the hundreds of users that signed up for the GTA IV: The Lost and Damned giveaway, we randomly selected the following five winners (their GTAGaming usernames followed by their Xbox Live gamertags). Thanks to all that participated, and congratulations to those that won!
<ul><li><a style="font-size: 22px;" href="/forums/member.php?u=27797" target="_blank">Skillet</a>: XIII Scythe</li><li><a style="font-size: 22px;" href="/forums/member.php?u=63955" target="_blank">GTAlord</a>: themythicgamer</li><li><a style="font-size: 22px;" href="/forums/member.php?u=52188" target="_blank">Skitelz</a>: Major Sousa</li><li><a style="font-size: 22px;" href="/forums/member.php?u=46547" target="_blank">omegas</a>: valentino shot</li><li><a style="font-size: 22px;" href="/forums/member.php?u=64062" target="_blank">EvilBuddha</a>: EvilOneBuddha</li></ul>If your name appears on this list, please <a href="" target="_blank">send me a private message</a> with your country of residence, so that we can purchase the correct Microsoft Points code!

However if you didn't win, don't worry! We'll be holding more of these contests in the future, so better luck next time.
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