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OK FAIR IS FAIR I WILL STOP POSTING ABOUT IT, I promise but I do want one more chance to explain myself before I stop. I will address each of you one at a time so there is no confusion. If you guys have anything to say then cool, I’ll come back and read it but I will stop posting in here. This is my last one.

I do truly feel that it is not Microsofts place to be paying 3rd party publishers behind closed doors when the game isn't even out yet and I think it's naive to feel that Microsoft is doing a good thing or fighting for it's customers. It's just plain wrong and I think many people are willing to just look the other way and keep on walking because it benefits them. I don't care if it benefits me or not I see it for what it is and I won't change my mind regardless of weather or not I benefit from it. If it's wrong then it's wrong. Simple as that. I do thank you for being polite while countering my opinions you are surly the only one.


I don't have a problem purchasing things from Microsoft if Microsoft made a good product. I don't like it when Microsoft pays people off to work for them and then once the competition fails they have no reason to pay people off anymore so they start putting out sub-par crap just to keep the money flow flowing. You continuously call me a fan boy in almost every thread despite the fact that I don't even care about consoles. I agree with you it is my fault that I didn't have an Xbox 36o. I bought a PS3 and I don't regret that decision and now I have a 360 which cost the same amount and has less features. I’m not happy that I had to buy it in order to play a few games but that is life.

The reason I continue to post and the main point I have been trying to make has nothing to do with the fact that I had to buy an Xbox 360. That is part of the reason why we are not seeing eye to eye. It's like you don't get what I am trying to say. Me buying an Xbox 360 is simply a negative effect of corporate greed which is the point I am trying to make. I think it's bullshit what they a have done and I have spoken my opinion. You guys can call me a fanboy or a Microsoft hater or a crybaby it doesn't matter. Most people revert to calling names when they have no argument.

In your last post you said I was implying that you were a fanboy and that I was full of it because you own all 3 systems. Well, that is not what I was implying. I was simply saying that I think people who call other people fanboys every time someone disagrees with them are pathetic. You simply took it the wrong way. How do you measure up to your own standards when you called me a fanboy and I own all three systems as well?


I think you are right. I made more negative comments about Microsoft than I needed to, I admit that, however I did acknowledge that the blame was possibly Rockstar’s fault in my second post.

The bottom line is, yes I knew the DLC was Xbox 360 only and I misjudged how big it was going to be. When I found out it was large I realized that the shady deal between Microsoft and Rockstar wasn't just some marketing ploy but that I was going to be forced to either miss two full fledged expansion packs or buy a 360. That was when I was faced with the decision of supporting a company who is clearly in the wrong in order to get what I want or miss out and give MS the middle finger for screwing me over. It was my decision and so now I have payed the extra cash to get the system that will run it. However I bought a PS3 for more than just GTA so it's not like I would have chosen differantly had I known what they were releasing in the DLC from the start. My problem is that the deal is shady and if that deal didn't go down I would not have gotten fucked over it.

I admit I made a mistake when judging the DLC at the start but that was never my argument. I simply feel that it was wrong to do what they have done and I believe that Rockstar would have done a large quality expansion on their own for both systems if a certain someone didn't offer a large amount of money. I could be wrong. Maybe they would have released a small DLC if it wasn't paid for by another company but that doesn't sound like a very good game developer if they have to rely on under the table cash from console manufacturers just to make expansion packs for games they already funded on their own. Especially since GTA 4 is 5 times larger and has made them much more rich than they were before they started funding the game.

I didn't buy any consoles until GTA 4 came out because that was the first console game to come out that I actually cared about. The PS3 was worth $400 to me because it had a $400 blu-ray player and a rechargable battery pack for he controller and a WIFI adapter and it also had Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy 13 comming out for it. 13 was not announced for the 360 at that time. It's graphics are very close to the 360's. With the 360 I got similar graphics with none of the extras for the same price. In the end I didn't need the system for anything so it was annoying to have to get one for a DLC that most likly would have been released on the PS3 if it were not for a sack of money.

I am very calm. I relax hardcore when I type huge posts and I also am not hateful towards anyone. I get annoyed like everyone else but I do try to stay cool about it. I am not pissed about either PSP or the Nintendo DS excusive. Those games were agreed upon between rockstar and each company as exclusive deals for their system. GTA 4 is not an Xbox 360 exclusive but the 360 is getting major expansion content and the only reason standing is the money and I think everyone knows it. Weather you believe that Rockstar would not have made it if they were not given 50 million from a company that owes them nothing is up to you but I don't think they would have a problem considering the money they have made from GTA 4 and just the mention of GTA would sell when it comes to DLC. Honestly I don't think a company that relies on money to be given to them in order to release an expansion pack would be able to even make a good GTA game.I think Microsoft would not be willing to give away an amount that large if they were just being buddy buddy with Rockstar. They were making it worth not selling as many copies in my opinion. Just me maybe but it's cool I'm out and I hope nobody has any hard feelings. Later.

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