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Originally Posted by Adam$$ View Post
hey does the Super Spawner work with patch? it doesn't work for me...

could someone explain me how to install it? i habe the newest ver. for the newest patch, but i dont know if im instaling the super spawner and script hook well. I have an asi loader too. For example in both readme files (superSpawner & scripthook) is written about /scripts folder. but in both i have script folder so which one i have to pase into my gta root folder?
For the scripthook, you only need to copy the ASI file to your gta4 root folder. After you copied that, copy the /scripts folder from my archive to the same location. That's all there is to install it, just run the game afterward and it should all work as long as your ASI loader is working correctly.

rappo is correct, you can also remove peds by getting a far distance away from them. In the new version, I'm working on now, there is a hotkey to remove all spawned objects along with some other new features like blip support.
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