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Actually ash I already knew that you had all of the systems. I have spoken with you in the past and you told me about your PS3 and what you wanted to buy on it. I remember I asked you about buying the PC version as well. Also like I said at the very beginning of my last post I simply type alot to get my point across. I didn't contradict myself it seems that you are too interested in winning an arguement than looking at it from a differant angle. I'll say it for the third time. If GTA 4 was Xbox 360 only I would not have a problem with this. It's that Xbox payed off rockstar for special treatment and I simply don't agree with console developers interfering with the natrual flow of game availablility.

Lastly thenotsogoodtrickster your right if the system I owned it on had the content available I would not have came on here and wrote about it. I would still think it shady that Rockstar wouldn't make it's game and sell them to us rather than making deals with console developers and screwing us in the meantime. But in the end I think it is you guys who want to believe that all is fine just because it's not screwing you right now.

Oh and I could care less about reputation system and have never used it a single time in my life but it would seem that people don't want to discuss this or I am pissing others off with my long posts so I guess I will call and end to it. I would like to mention though that while I am upset with Microsofts decision and I really didn't want to support them in this situation that I don't think Microsoft is the nazi revolution nor have I decided to stop purchasing from them. I just don't agree with this situation that is all.
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