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Please try to understand that I am not stessing out just because I type a bunch of shit. I am just that way. I always type a ton of crap to get my point across. I am unhappy about it yes and so I am writing about it here where I knew some people would be interested in discussing it. I am not freaking out or crying about it as some seem to think.

Just so you know, I am now officially the owner of an Xbox 360 elite system. Does it change my opinion? No. Here is the thing I don't get. I understand the idea of buying the product that means the best value to you as an individual and I understand that many people here seem to think that Microsoft is making their systems better by throwing their money around. Don't any of you think that they are being shady about this? Do you want to know why Microsoft gave Rockstar 50 million? It's because of Sony. It's the competition that causes companies to spend extra cash and do all of this funding that you guys are so happy about and once they destroy that competition by paying off companies like rockstar rather than building better game systems like they are supposed be doing then the competition won't be there anymore and you are going to be left with a single company that has problems building stable systems in the first place and has no reason to help lazy developers who can't develope games on their own.

For the last time, I AM NOT A FANBOY. Honestly I don't like consoles and it gets under my skin that I had to buy 2 of them to get a couple games I like. Especially when GTA was on the PS3 and running fine. I find it highly annoying that anyone who displays disinterest or negativity towards Microsoft or Xbox is now labled a fan boy. I think it's because all the kids that have no patience went out a bought the first next gen game system on the market and suddenly anything else is crap and if you don't agree then you are a pointless fanboy. That is how it seems today. When I grew up there were no fanboys or an internet for them to gather at. I just find it funny that I am labled a fanboy when I only play like 5 console games total and I generally hate controllers and crap maintsream technology.

Was I pissed when the PSP exclusive titles were released? No because they were announced as exclusive games for the PSP. Like I said if GTA 4 was announced for the Xbox 360 only then I would not have been pissed about it. It's the fact that it was released on both games systems at the same time and now one version is getting the special treatment because of a payoff. Yes it's DLC content but so is everything on steam. All the DLC is, is an expansion pack. DLC is Rockstar's job in my opinion. They can make it and make a prophit or they can choose not to make it and make no prophit. It's up to them and it should have nothing to do with Microsoft. Yes Microsoft's ridiculous spending habit of buying off everything and everyone in the industry is helping you and now me but pretty soon the competition won't be there and you won't see anything but overpriced crap because of it.

My main problem was not that I didin't want to spend the money though that is annoying, but my main problem was simply helping Microsoft continue it's corporate BS until there is nothing left but them. I wouldn't be suprissed if there were Microsoft tooth brushes at the local stores around here. They don't win by making a better product, they simply pay off other companies like rockstar to win for them and it irks me. It's like I said about the polititions. They offer hand outs and people are all about them and toss their vote out. Then they get into office and people are forced to deal with the retard they voted into office. Ironic I think.

I like GTA alot and I caved in and bought a 360 but I am not happy about it and I certainly don't see Microsoft as a good company that is taking care of it's customers. If they were they would build a system that didn't break down every year and add in things like HD video and WIFI to their systems. The great game selection has nothing to do with them. That is the job of companies like Rockstar. They make the fun games and Microsoft makes the great hardware to run it on. Why people are happy that Microsoft is paying off a game developer is beyond me. Rockstar could make 15 DLC's without any help from an outside source and if they had anything to do with GTA they would have a very low risk of losing money on those projects.

Lastly, Developers will make their game for the system that has the most customers and they will port it to the other systems if the customer base is worth the extra money it costs to port the game. So the game system that is the best will get the most customers and therefore the most games. A console manufacturer should not have to pay a developer to make games for their system and certainly not when their system is already the most popular. It's the simple fact that the PS3 is starting to sell more units and Microsoft also wants anyone who owns both systems to purchase the game on theirs instead. That decision should be left up to the consumer not Microsoft's money. Now I own both systems but shouldn't I be the one to choose which one I buy it on instead of letting microsoft choose for me. Or in my case force me to buy their system to play it.


One last thing, I do feel that GTA 4 on the Xbox 360 is a better looking version of the game. I am happy about that. The graphic drivers for the ATI graphic card are a little too aggresive in my opinion. You can see shadows flicker and sometimes buildings or the lights on a building will dissapear while the object is still visable on screen. Also there are more graphic bugs on the Xbox 360. However, overall I feel that the game just looks higher resolution and the blur effect is not half as strong as it is on the PS3. Dispite the graphic card's quirks I still think the Xbox 360 version looks better and after installing it on the Xbox hardrive it loads up faster than my PS3 version does off of it's hardrive. I am happy about that.

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