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No actually I won't if you actually took the time to read what I wrote you would understand why I am pissed. Owning a 360 is not going to make me happy about this. Also I know all about WIFI and hardwired connections. It's just that I have 6 differant machines running off of a hub and the wires get really annoying. Being that I am not a huge online gamer and I would be using the internet mainly for firmware and game patches I think WIFI would be great. I am not going to modify my Xbox 360 either because it will cause warrenty problems if anything else goes wrong with it.

Sooner or later you might learn that people that get upset over things are not always cry baby's just because you don't agree with them. As for my rants being pointless, yeah well so is your comment and everything on this board. Besides, the majority of my posts are simply typed out for the sake of discussion. You know, what forums are for. I could type things like "hey guys let me try to sound clever and fail at it"


but while I may not agree with everyone I don't go out of my way to piss people off.

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