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Ok, maybe your right. But just for the record I want to put my opinion into perspective. I understand why they did it and I am not steaming pissed at Rockstar for doing it BUT, while I agree that Rockstar is here to make money I believe they are being a bit shady about it. Maybe I am off base here but I just feel that Rockstar should be funding it's own games and selling them for a prophit to as many people as possible. I don't agree with being funded by a company who happens to be one of the main competiing console manufactures. Also, while I understand that times are rough Rockstar just made like 1 billion dollars off GTA 4 so they can't be doing that bad. I mean, they probably made more money then any other game in the history of gaming so they whould have some decent prophits and if I remember correctly even Bioshock was done by 2 K under the same lable so they should be doing pretty darn well.

Again, if they would have announced it for Xbox 360 only then I would not have a problem but they released the game for both systems at the same time and now they are only releasing content on one system who happened to pay them a bunch of money that they didn't actually need in order to make the extra material. Yes Take 2 could have taken a loss for this downloadable content but that is what being in a buisness is all about. You take risks, sometimes you come out on top and some times you sink to the bottom.

I'm just pissed because I don't play many games at all and I don't want to have to own every game system on the market in order to play a handful of games that I actaully like. If I were a hardcore gamer than it wouldn't matter, I would want to own all the systems since they all have their own strengths but for me it's just not important. I bought a PS3 so that I could get GTA 4 early and still be able to play Tekkon 6 and Final Fantasy 13. Other than that it had a back up blu- ray player I could use if I needed. All of my other gaming needs were taken care of on the PC. I don't have any problems or dislike toward the 360 it's just that I have never wanted one in the least.

The only games that I am interested in that the Xbox 360 has that I cannot buy on my PC or PS3 would be Gears of War 2 and that certainly was not enough to justify blowing $400 on a 360. However, the economy is getting really bad and my hours just got cut from 55 a week to 32 so it looks like I can't afford to keep my PC up to date anyway. Besides, like I mentioned before it looks like Microsoft has really put a dent in the PS3 and the PC gaming platforms. Maybe I should just pick up a 360 and let go of my PC obsession. Right now it's just not worth all the money and time to get half assed console ports that barly run. GTA 4 is a perfect example of where PC gaming is right now. I do find it strange though that the PC won't be getting this content since Microsoft is the one in charge of games for Windows but they just keep ignoring it for some reason.

In anycase I am checking out the black 360 elite system. I need the HDMI/1080P specs to take advantage of my TV. It's kinda lame that there is no WIFI or rechargable contoller battery included with the system especially since it doesn't come with HDDVD or Blueray either. I'll admit the 120gig hardrive is alot more space than I could ever need so atleast that is nice. One thing is for sure, if I buy one I am getting the extended warrenty from Best Buy cause everyone I know that owns a 360 has had to return it at least two times since they bought it. That is another thing holding me back. I don't like buying bad electronics. It may be a great game system but it has proven to be a faulty design that clearly is not stable.

This is why I am pissed. If Rockstar was not sleeping with Microsoft I wouldn't be in this situation and it gets on my nerves.

Ash, I understand that Sony was offered a deal and they turned it down but let me ask you this. In your honest opinion do you believe that Sony or Microsoft should have to pay a game developer to do it's job? Rockstar is supposed to be making games and Sony and Microsoft are supposed to get prophit from Rockstar's video games. I don't see why these console developers who are supposed to be taking money from Rocksta'rs prophits are suddenly shelling out money to them other than the fact that Rockstar is putting out huge hits that will sway large portions of gamers to buy a 360 and purchase the game on the 360 system. Suddenly Microsoft feels the need to ad a little shady incentive and now the PS3 customers are shafted. I can't see it any other way. I believe if it were any other game Microsoft wouldn't have payed anything and the developer would sell the game to everyone for maximum sales.

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