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lol, Oh that was clever your a pretty funny guy. But seriously, If Rockstar asked both Sony and Microsoft for cash to fund their expansion pack then ok. My question would be, how is a publisher as prominent as Rockstar unable to fund their own expansion packs? Especially since GTA 4 alone probably made a 500% prophit. Why would they need to ask console developers for the cash in advance? Also, Microsoft didn't give them 50 million so that they could create the content and then pay them back. From how I understand it Microsoft just gave them 50 million dollars to keep. Maybe I am wrong but it sounds shady to me.

The idea that Microsoft is supporting their customers by helping out a developer in need is pushing it a bit far in my opinion. It's more like, Microsoft is handing out money to a company that is fully capable of making games on it's own and they are asking for nothing in return but suddenly Xbox 360 gets the downloadable content exclusivly. It looks like Microsoft payed Rockstar so that the content Rockstar was interested in making would only go to their system.

I don't know if Rockstar tries to get other companies to pay all their bills in return for favors or if they are contacted by individuals that are willing to pay massive amounts of money in order to keep certain games away from the competition. Either way is sounds like crap to me. All in all it could be that the content is only exclusive for a small period of time or it could be that the conent is exclusive forever. Either way I just don't dig it.

It's one thing to be assosiated with a specific system or company because you prefer it or you have loyalty towards it. If GTA 4 had been announced as an Xbox 360 exclusive I certainly wouldn't have had a problem with that. My problem is that both systems got the game and they both got it at the same time and now only one system is getting the expansion packs because the company that makes that system paid Rockstar 50 million dollars.

I bet if Microsoft and Sony didn't pay Rockstar shit, Rockstar would fund it's own games and sell them on both systems. They would make prophit from their fans that are willing to pay for a service, you know an honest prophit. Not from some company that offers them huge sums of free money for no reason other than to hold the game to their platform only. That just sounds lazy and not very honest. The way I see it is Microsoft paid Rockstar a huge amount of money for absolutly nothing other than to keep their software off the competitions system by paying them more money then they would actually earn on their own from PS3 users.

Maybe in the future after these two expansions they will start making expansions for both systems or maybe Sony will pay for some exclusives but I just don't see a point. I liked it when certain developers would side with a company and stick with them even in tough times. Nintentdo had third party publishers that acted like that for a while. The hardware in the system didn't make a big differance it came down to who had the best developers under their belt. Today , developers are like whores that do whatever for whoever as long as you shell out some extra cash for absolutly nothing in return. It's not about selling their own games for their own prophit. It's about making extra money for doing nothing.

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