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Yeah I know, that's what pisses me off. Then again maybe Rockstar really should be the one to put their foot down and do buisness with their customers like they are supposed to. They sell games to people who want them. That is how they make money. Making money for denying part of their fanbase is counter-productive. It's free money and I can relate to their decision but it really isn't what they are suposed to be about.

It's like polititions who get elected for promising the most hand outs. It's disgusting because they are pretty much ignoring their job and just giving money away to people who want money for free in exchange for their vote. I can't blame them but that is not the way honest buisness is supposed to work. I know, not a perfect world.

Similar loopholes in corporate practices is what causes so many problems in the industry. Especially for smaller companies that actually work at their job to try and make an honest dollar by providing a service to consumers who are intersted in quality work. All of these orginizations who do this shit have all worked hard in the past in order to have the funds to do what they are doing now. I just think it's sick that they are content to do nothing because they still make money through these loopholes. It's like, once you have made a certain amount of money you can just sit around and pay companies who will make money for you even if these practices hurt society. They don't care.

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