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I bought GTA 4 on the PS3 so I won't be getting the lost and the damned. I can't say I am all that bitter about Rockstar's decision though. I mean, I really like GTA and have purchased every single one on release day and I won't be able to play this add on which is a let down but it's not really Sony's fault. Sony could have given Rockstar even more than 50 million so that the exclusive content would come out only on their system but I think there is a point where a company needs to draw the line and I believe Microsoft is the last company in the world that will actually draw that line.

Nobody can beat Microsoft when it comes down to paying off everyone to beat the competition. I do find it strange that Microsoft is going to lay off 5000 employees this year but they don't have a problem paying 50 million dollars so an expansion pack for a video game won't be released on a competing system. That 50 million didn't go to Rockstar so that they would build the content for Xbox it went to Rockstar so that they would not release it on the PS3. Rockstar would be stupid to not release it's content to both Xbox and PS3 users unless someone payed them more money then they would actually earn buy selling their games to just sit around and sell less games. Everyone who owns the Xbox 360 will purchase the add on anyway so that 50 millions dollars went towards screwing PS3 owners and their own employees.

Can't blame Rockstar though. That is alot of money. More than they would have made from PS3 users. In any case the GTA games were Sony only last time due to pay off's so I can't say Sony didn't start it. They started a trend that will destroy them in the end. Money rules all and Microsoft has more of it.

All in all if I really wanted the lost and the damned I could go buy a 360 since they are not that expensive, but I really don't feel like feeding the bastards who did this. Microsoft has ignored it's PC platform in an attempt to rule the console world. Their OS is shit and all of the talented PC game developers are now payed off and working on 360 games that will be ported to the PC in non-working condition. The graphics industry has no reason to increase because games are not improving past the 360 hardware from 3 years ago and fast GPU's won't fix poorly coded console ports. In the end Microsoft is starting to hurt the industry because there is no point in being competitive with them. Even if you build a better product chances are they will just buy everyone who is better than them or pay off companies who can compete with their competitiion for them.

Rockstar makes some great games and they would have no problem selling their games to everyone who is interested in them but thanks to corporate greed Rockstar will be selling their games to less people and still make more money. I could be pissed at Rockstar but I can't blame them for taking a bunch of free money. It just rubs me the wrong way that Microsoft is willing to stoop that low in an atempt to crush their competition. They go to court multiple times a year for being a monopoly and sometimes they lose in court and have to pay huge fines but nothing ever stops them from doing it again and again.

I have not purchased a $500 graphic card from Nvidia this year, or a PC version of GTA 4 which I usually pick up on top of the console version I already own. I have not purchased many PC games nor have I seen the industry really move forward since the 360 launched. I understand that Microsoft doesn't care because they will sell their OS on every computer regardless of weather people play PC games or not, but they are hurting the rest of the industry. Too bad cause they have done alot for the PC industry but it looks like they have peaked and decided to just let it rot now. Both my PC and PS3 experience has been blasted by their constant console obsession.

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