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Haven't thought about that! Ok,here you go!

You can see it best here,none of that smudgness,but the nice motion blur when u move the camera is still on...

It's(difference) a little bit less noticeable in a moving screenshot,but in realtime,it's a big difference!

My favorite's really an awsome sensation of speed in this view! (and again on the screenshot it seems it's a small difference,but believe me it's huge!
The only thing that's screwed with dashboard camera is that in almost all cars(bikes r fine)the blur is too much because of the camera which is further back,but the blur isn't adjusted to this new position...(with this altered file or without,it's a camera problem)
So...i have a plea here,for the dude which made the dashboard view,check this out(press "p" in dashboard view) and try to fix it for the cars please???

The guys over at GTAForums made some more progress and there are even variants of this file to enable DOF effect far in the distance or medium and far distance too, so now you can pick and choose whatever you like best...enjoy!
p.s. If any of you guys figures out something new about this,post it also!
p.p.s. Lots of cookies and respect to one that fixes the blur in dashboard camera!!!

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