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Originally Posted by EddieLow View Post
Isnít the world just a horrible and terrifying place? Filled with misdeeds, and people who you trust, but ultimately should hate? They say theyíre your their friends, but theyíre not your friends. They never call. After a while, a guy gets lonely. He has to call them. Only I didnít call them, I killed them, and then fucked their corpse. I collect lungs...hearts...spleens. If you preserve them in a rubbing alcohol solution, they stay almost as fresh as a blush! Ahahahaha! Boo Boo Wilkins makes me, though. She beats me if I donít kill them. Like Derrick. I had to kill him. His arms...his perfectly pink, I just had to add them to my collection.

But isnít this a great place? A place for friends and acquaintances and enemies to meet up and chit-chat? HA! I sometimes watch them, you know. Watch people in the streets. I stay behind the dumpsters, and I watch them walk, and talk, and breath. Isnít it so interesting how the human body works?! I mean, the complications that can result from a partial removal of a sprocket, or a gear, or a spine! You know, they call me a grave robber, but Iíd say Iím the one being robbed!!

Most people think Iím dead. They think Iím dead because I havenít been making headlines lately...but theyíll all see. Theyíll all see that Iím not dead, come February. Come February, Iíll strike again. I may be badly injured, but Iím not dead, no maim. Hahahah, oops, I misspelled again! Oh well, thatís what erasers were meant for, am I right? Am I? Knives are a lot like erasers, only sharper and more pleasant to the touch.

Until later,

Eddie Low,

i think i speak for alot of people when i say what the F*ck?
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