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Exclamation How to change the "key" in lua scripts

Hey guys, I hope this thread is read. I'm an idiot when it comes to this modding stuff.

I have Notepad++ downloaded in order to read the .lua scripts I download for the Alice program.

I've been noticing that ALL the scripts being released have TAB as the activation key. Is there any way (which I'm sure this is) I can change what key is used to activate the script?

For example: I have currently been using the saveme.lua script. To save anywhere, I just have to hit TAB.

Recently I downloaded the Bullet-time script and the Clear Wanted Level script.
Both of these use TAB as their key.

Can someone tell me/walk me through how to change the activation key so I can be able to use all scripts?

Thanks a lot. Forgive my ignorance! lol

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