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Introducing the brand new GTAGaming mod database

The people have spoken, and now we are finally answering! Over the past couple months I have been working on and off at creating a brand new GTA mod database from scratch. Today I'm proud to announce that it's ready for public use! You can check it out at the same link as before: <a href="/downloads"></a>.

<h3>What's New?</h3><ul><li><b><u>Upload your own mods!</u></b>
One frequently asked questions on our forums used to be "How do I upload my mods to your site?!" Before an administrator had to take care of that for you, but now you can upload your mods straight to our website! The <a href="/downloads/upload" target="_blank">mod upload form</a> is easy to use, and all you need to get started is a GTAGaming account! If you're not registered yet, <a href="/forums/register.php" target="_blank">what are you waiting for?</a> Let the uploading begin!</li>
<li><b><u>Graphical and technical overhaul of all page layouts</u></b>
The page colors have changed, and the overall organization of information has been drastically improved. The goal was to make each part of the database as accessible as possible. All pages have been recreated from scratch, and are now more powerful than ever - for example, the new related downloads section will show you more mods that might interest you.</li>
<li><b>Coming soon:</b> Detailed tutorials on how to install most of the available mods, so that you'll never break your game again, as well as some further information on how to upload your own mods to our new mod database.</li></ul>
If you come across any bugs or have any suggestions on how to further improve the file archive, please do not hesitate to <a href="/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=101" target="_blank">contact us</a>. Thanks for your continual support of all things GTAGaming, and we hope to be seeing some of your best mod creations uploaded soon!
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