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And while we're at it - does anyone remember SimCopter?
Get over to the tourist helicopters, get in and fly -
- a blip on your radar would tell you where to go
- go there, and pick up 1-3 persons (the more people, the more $$$ after successful delivery)
- depending on how fast you get there, you might get some bonus money
- a new blip appears on the radar - this is their destination
- fly there asap
* the faster you get to their destination, the more will they pay
* the less damage you do on your chopper and surroundings, the more bonus money you get

Different kind of missions
- bring a doctor to an accident to save lives
- bring patients back from accident asap (timer?...) to a hospital
- pursuit criminals for the police - the police cars will follow your lead, and eventually apprehend the suspect
- fly VIP persons from their work, hotel, etc. to their villa with helipad in the back yard
- help the stars of "Americas next hooker" get a nice and glamorous entrance at the live TV-show hosted by David Letterman at Star Junction by doing a low pass and eventually land safely just outside of the studio with live audience in the streets..

The list can go on and on..
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