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Patch screwed everything up

game had been running just fine, but I wanted to use joystick, so I patched it.

game had all sorts of problems, immediately; became unplayable.

have attempted to remove game from system (Vista Home Premium; 32 - bit), with and without UAC turned on. Game would not uninstall using disk. would not uninstall using add/remove programs feature; had to delete directly from C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games.

Setup program will only offer Modify, Repair, or Remove; no install. As there are no files to repair or modify, these are useless. Also, remove claims to work (as though there are vestiges still in system) but this makes no difference.

I have also manually removed holdover data through the 'AppData' locations.

there is a GTA IV file that will not uninstall from the Add/Remove area; when I try to uninstall, it sez that SecuROM license failed to release.

I have tried everything that I can think of to get this game to re-install and have run out of options.

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you
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