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Idea for a "real life driving jobs" mod

I've been reading on some other forums for simulators (both driving and flight sims) - and I agree with them - I really miss to grab a taxi and drive around, taking fares and earn some money.

So I've been thinking of this mod, if it one day will be possible to create advanced ones like this, like a "real life driving jobs"-mod. Read on, if you're interested..

The reason for doing this instead of playing those crappy games (18 wheels of steel etc) is
1. The graphics are AWESOME!!!
2. It's shorter distances than driving all across the US/Europe, much more to see, much more life and details
3. The physics are so totally awesome
4. There are SO many possibilities with different kind of cars and places to go

Now, for the ideas...
For starters - you should have some blips on the map, showing centrals for either taxi, bus, ambulance, fire station, or freight depots. When you're there, grab a vehicle of that type, and you will receive a text message with info of what's going on and what to do.

This one is pretty straight forward. A blip on the radar like those "random guy" missions would suffice. Maybe several blips on the screen at the time to pick which one to get. Some might be further away from your current location after your current customer has paid and exit your taxi, but might pay more?

Here it would be cool to do something different.. You're on a route! Would in fact work much as those crazy Bruce-races. You got a circuit and have to drive it 2-3 laps for instance. After that is complete, a blip on the radar will show you directions to the next circuit, and this time you might have to run it either more or less times, depending on its length. For each person going on board, you will earn x quantity of $$$ when they successfully get off the bus, just to make sure you don't cheat and just pick up a load of people and get off the bus yourself..

This one is the more interesting piece. You get over to the freight depot (there should be several, hosting different types of vehicles and goods to deliver). What I have in mind for now is

- Oil/gas tanker depot. Would need a truck and a trailer. Transport oil/gas from the depot or docks to gas stations and the airport, and maybe other places too?

- Express goods delivery car central. Deliver small goods between places with a small car (with some kind of a SUV or van?). Delivering donuts to the LCPD offices. Deliver catering for a film crew on location for the latest R*SC film or the latest big box office hit to the largest cinema in LC?

- Goods central for larger goods. Transport things from A to B with the Mule. For instance, transporting a bunch of meat for hamburgers to a a chain serving fast food. Or doing some dirty mafia stuff like delivering weapons for the gun shops. Maybe deliver spray paint equipment for the repaint shops. Computers for the Internet Cafè. Props for the theater and cabaret. New bowling equipment from a manufacturer to the bowling alleys? There's LOADS of possibilities!! And for larger missions, I think one should have to take several trips from A to B to deliver all the needed goods.

Straight forward.. An accident, shooting, a suicidal someone etc. - you get a blip on the radar - go there asap and pick him/her up, and go to the nearest hospital or clinic. I think it would be better to have several options on where to go instead of just one "HQ hospital" like I've seen in earlier GTA games, though, these might pay a little less than the "HQ hospital" ?

Also pretty straight forward. Grab a fire truck, and put out fires, either car accidents, garbage in alleys or maybe a house on fire?

I'd like to hear from you guys. What do you think? Would this be cool or what? The best part would be to actually be able to spend the money earned in this mod for the actual game and story..

Picking up supplies for the car wash..

Approaching the supplies in the back of the car wash.

Delivering... There should be a progress bar across the screen so I would unload the goods properly. Then there should be like a "2/5 stages completed" and earn a little money for completing the stage as a little bonus, if your vehicle didn't get damaged on the way. And when every stage is complete, the full payment would be given to you.

Additional ideas
- Money transport service, from one bank to another - might there be a robbery attempt around the next corner?

- Presidential/VIP motorcade: Bring the VIP safely from A to B. Assassinations highly possible! Make a choice - which one of the three routes to go.

- Ice cream car - earn a couple of $$$ for each sold cone of ice cream. Benefit more from popular areas with more pedestrians.

edit: fixed the formatting and added images. Added a few more ideas as well.

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