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rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.rappo is a God.
For those who are having trouble thinking of what to enter, here is a list of what other people have voted for. This is not in any particular order, and I only wrote out the people/threads that were voted for by more than one person:

<b>Most Improved</b>: Staffybull97, Neil, Lile23, Phil, Johnny-Z, Legham
<b>Most Missed</b>: brokenfish, cyrix, .:nemesis:., Asif, DBD, Rylo, Mousey
<b>Most Helpfu</b>l: Ash_735, Piggus, rappo, Slim Trashman, Nite, iKlipse
<b>Most Legendary Legend</b>: Lynk, ska, Piggus, rappo, Grimmy, Japisee
<b>Most Legendary Non-Legend</b>: Pablo Escobar Jr., 5tatic, Macey, timbob, extremer
<b>Most Appreciated Staff Member</b>: <a href="" target="_blank">Just look here</a>
<b>Best New Member</b>:, Johnny-Z, Staffybull97, blaze0785, claud3
<b>Most Artistic</b>: Lao Boy, eli, ska, Slim Trashman, 5tatic
<b>Most Sarcastic</b>: Olin, rappo, eli, Pablo Escobar Jr., Neil, Japisee, ZCAB, Pignoah, Grimmy
<b>Member You'd Want to Meet</b>: victim, ska, rappo,, Piggus, Pablo Escobar Jr., Ritchie, Grimmy, Llama
<b>Horniest Member</b>: Scott,, BC Rich, Piggus, HH, Crunkdaddy, Pablo Escobar Jr.
<b>Funniest Member</b>: rappo, ZCAB, Pablo Escobar Jr., victim, Japisee, Grimmy, extremer
<b>Most Boring</b>: eli, Neil, Rocker-5, Fry
<b>Most Intelligent</b>: ZCAB, billyboy_999, rappo, Ash_735, Olin, Neil, cyrix
<b>Most Idiotic</b>: claud3, blaze0785, Rocker-5, Grimmy, behzad_sol
<b>Most Popular</b>: rappo, Pablo Escobar Jr., Zidane, Piggus, Grimmy, Lynk, Japisee
<b>Most Picked On</b>: claud3, blaze0785, Shadow Conception, Phil, behzad_sol,
<b>Mugshot of the Year</b>: <a href="" target="_blank">ska's moustache</a>, GRIM's photos (example), Any photo from Lile, Havok's photos, Shadow Conception's red mushroom hair
<b>Best Music Taste</b>: ska, rappo, Clayton, Pablo Escobar Jr., ZCAB, Piggus
<b>Worst Music Taste</b>: Glanerd, Don,, ~Schwab, Ritchie, 5tatic
<b>Worst Grammar/Spelling</b>: claud3, blaze0785, behzad_sol, Rocker-5
<b>The Crap (Shack) King/Queen</b>: Japisee, Grimmy, Pablo Escobar Jr.,, rappo, Don
<b>Thread of the Year</b>: So I got this message on youtube earlier..., The Longest Thread, Ha Ha Ha..., FFFFFUUUUUUU-
<b>Post of the Year</b>: claud3 sexual adventures (#1, #2, #3, etc), Ash_735 becomes a lawyer, Pablo's rage
<b>Best Fad of the Year</b>: huwoahuh, rappo avatars, FFFFFUUUUUUU-, i put both
<b>Worst Fad of the Year</b>: Rickroll, Anything 4chan
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