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Originally Posted by X-Ecutioner View Post
Dude... They are only GLOVES
Thats not the point, the point is R* has taken out so much stuff its ridiculous, they took out the ability to mod cars they took out being able to play your own music in game and what the hell is up with the cheats they have theres like 10 and most of them are spawning vehicles cheats, i means whats up with that the reason rockstar gave for taking out listening to ur own music was that it would spoil the games atmosphere the game has no atmosphere its so boring its unbeliveable, the soundtrack is so bad theres barely any songs you can sing along too.

The whole point of making sequels is to improve upon the last version, not get rid of pretty much everything and just focus on graphics and they even failed at that (i must admit its a big graphics improvement from existing GTA games but thats to be expected with next gen consoles) but i play gta iv on ps3 and the anti alising is terrible some textures are terrible and the frame rate drops to about 10FPS if theres more than 10 cars on screen at once or even if i just hit a few benches in my car it drops to about 20FPS.

Sorry to rant about how IMO R* has failed at making GTA IV but its just totally out of order how they make the game seem better than it is, if i was to sell my PS3 console to you but only send you the controller you wouldnt be happy would you.

Plus im pissed of that Microsoft payed $50mil for exclusive content, if i ever meet Bill Gates first thing im gonna do is kick him right in his balls. He could have bought an xbox 360 console for every youth in London with that amount of money, which would have made millions of people alot happier rather than making roughly 10 million PS3 owners pissed of at him and Rockstar for accepting his offer.

Reply back your views i love to have debates about things.
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