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Introducing San Andreas CLEO mods at GTAGaming

I've just recently added a new section to our GTA mods database dedicated to San Andreas CLEO Mods. For those of you that don't know, CLEO is (in the grand scheme of GTA modding) a relatively new scripting system that allows modders to create custom SCM code (basically mission mods) and run them in-game, on the fly, without replacing the main.scm file. CLEO mods have been a big part of the GTA community for a while, and now they're finally available right here on GTAGaming!

Examples of CLEO mods:
  • Portal Gun: Allows you to create teleportation holes just like in Valve's hit game Portal
  • The Transporter: Adds a new and challenging mission to San Andreas that has you escort a VIP across the Gant Bridge
  • Time Stoppers: Lets you freeze (or just really really slow down) time by entering a cheat
  • FPS Mode: Puts the game in a first-person perspective, making it look a lot like Doom
  • Taxi Mod: Allows you to plot a map point and call for a taxi to take you there (like in GTA IV)
  • GTA IV Feature series: A collection of mods that bring more features from GTA IV to San Andreas (Burnout, Bike Helmet, Surrender, Car Fire, Window Crash)
To run these mods, you'll need to first install the CLEO 3 Library in your game's directory. It's a very simple installation and the program will be automatically loaded whenever you start up San Andreas.

With CLEO mods, the possibilities are almost endless, so be sure to keep an eye out for more additions!
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