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Originally Posted by Macey View Post
Question: What will our votes count towards with the opening of the Crap Shack? Would it not be 50%, with the other 50% coming from the staff?
The greater majority of staff members have already voted to bring it back. Now members are voting in order to prove to the skeptical few staff that this is what members want or don't want. So yes, this poll has a lot of power.

Originally Posted by phreak View Post
What would be the definition of "too far"? It's the Crap Shack, a spam forum where there are no boundaries. Not saying it's way out like /b/ but still, we all know what CS was and for a lot of us, it was the main reason we came to this site. I'll tell you, when the CS was opened for all of about a day or so, that was more fun that I've had on this site in like a year, and other would say the same. I agree with with the moving "NS" threads over to OT but if there's going to be heavily enforced rules in the CS than it should just stay closed as it won't be the one we all know and love.
"Heavily enforced" is a bit misleading. Basically, we don't want to let it turn into a place where people bash new members and get away with insulting posts. If you're that sort of person (which phreak, you definitely aren't) then you may have a problem with the rules, but for everybody else it will not be that big of a deal.

Originally Posted by phreak View Post
Besides, if Zidane doesn't want it back, are we really so sure it would if the votes passed?
Yes we are sure. Zidane has taken part in the Staff Lounge discussion, and encouraged the making of this poll. We also have a more logical method of decision making now.
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