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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
Brucies Races: You only have to do each race ONCE, so that's a total of NINE (9) races, Three in Alderney, Three in Algonquin/Bohan and Three in Broker/Dukes.

Stevie: I'm assuming you mean his text messages since he doesn't e-mail you, After you collect a car the best method I found is to go directly to your savehouse and save the game, as soon as you wake up you automatically get another text off Stevie telling what Car he wants. If you don't recieve it, check your messages again and make sure you're going after the right car.
Sorry i meant Brucies emails! I've saved it several times but still got nothing from him.Sorted the races out he sent me a message saying that i've completed them.
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