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So does this mean that I could grab a rifle and lean out my window, kill everyone on the street and say I just wanted to know if it was as easy as it was for Tom Hanks in "Saving privat Ryan"? Maybe the movie would get banned by tards in Thailand.

When I was a kid the only games out were atari games like donky kong and missle command, nothing uber violent like today's games. Back then all the kids on my block would get togather and try crazy stuff. I remember we figured out how to make molotov's and we threw them on a rail road track out behind some cornfields. One time a fire bomb even hit the train as it was passing by. Thing is, we were not dumb enough to get cought in the act and if we did get cought adults were not dumb enough and ruled by fear of the unknown to the point where they would actually believe a line of crap like this. A game made me do it. My parents would have laughed in my face and then busted my arse. Thinking back on it, games should help keep people inside and away from some of the crazy stuff we used to do out of bordom. I have seen kids role bowling balls down a hill into moving traffic before. All kinds of things that could end in disaster. If we had been inside playing videogames we probably wouldn't have done nearly as many dangerous things as we had.

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