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If you go to craplist on the internet in GTA 4 and look at the personals you will see one for a guy that is living with a doll and he says things like "I am still open to dating real women if they could accept me for who I am". Obviously a joke that the real him is a bit odd, he also goes on to describe how he plays with his doll online. Anyway, I think this is a reference to this documentary that was aired on TV a while ago. It's a documentary about guys who live with realdolls. Or life size sex toys and are using them as a stand in for a real women. It's called guys and their dolls. A bit odd this one.

Maybe it hasn't been mentioned before or maybe it has but isn't craplist a spoof on where they have the same type of information and links as GTA 4's craplist?

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