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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
Dude dude DUDE, ok, one, you're really over hyping this, I find the best approach is to not expect much and then be surprised rather than to expect God and be constantly disapointed. Two, I can easily see the Episodic content to mean more side missions like Random Characters, Assassination Missions, Little Various tasks around the city. Why you ask? Do you think Rockstar are going to restrict themselves, piss off half their fanbase which in turn will lose them more money? If you're expecting a whole new game through DLC then YOU ARE going to be disapointed. Also, they really should not charge much for this, at least have some free DLC along side big packages cause I'll be honest, I rarely get MS Points, I'm not going to spend 35 getting 4,000 Points just so I can play an add on for a game I already bought, if anything that too would piss off the fans, infact the more I look at this, it would be better if it's small, because if it was big, then they're going to piss off pretty much three quarters of the fanbase! The only ones who Will be happy and the Xbox Fanboys.
Do you really think Microsoft paid 50 million for something that only the hardcore fans would care about??? The only way to reach casual GTA gamers is by making this reaching, and with that figure, 50 million, its going to be far more than "side missions".

Think about it. $50 million (I said 10 my mistake) is not a small matter. Where do you get this 3/4 of the fanbase figure from? The game has sold almost 2:1 on the 360 versus PS3. I have both systems, and am not turning this into a console argument. 50 Million is more than most games (including many hits) entire BUDGETS. From all early indications, the DLC has been touted with one word: EPISODIC. This does not apply to cars and ancillary crap that could've been released a month after release. They have to tune the story, script the missions, etc. etc. MS would not throw away 50 million on DLC exclusivity for new leisure suits and cars and the 500th variation of a deathmatch and random stuff that amounts to nothing in the storyline. Im telling you: new character or existing with a larger role, more missions, with parallel storyline elements.

You're fooling yourself if you honestly think that its going to be something small or throwaway. More missions with another character is hardly saying its going to be a brand new game. Its still going to run on the same engine, and I would assume that it would fit in the context of Niko's story.

You're absolutely insane if you think MS spent $50 million for clothes, cars, multiplayer modes, and silly side missions that add virtually nothing to the game itself. 99% of GTA's fanbase play for the storyline. They're advertising this as an expansion pack, expansion packs aren't miniscule addons. Expansion packs also don't equal other games. They're extensions of the original game.

Who said its was going to be 4000 pts? 1600 pts probably at the most. They're not going to give it away.
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