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Originally Posted by Ronny View Post
Okay, here's the deal. I like the idea of the Ratman, a rapid ped who looks like vermin. He'll maul people and leave their half eaten bodies lying around. I love that image, in fact, I'm shocked that there isn't a real urban legend along those lines in real life.
And yes, in that video it did look a little suspect what with the dead ped and all that blood (Especiay the caked blood on the floor that didn't go away). But the truth is that the subway was probably designed to be a creepy, nasty place. That's all. No real paranormal additions to speak of.
Now, most people are realists about this and that's fine. I don't think it's the idea you dislike but the people who won't shut up about it.
But consider the fact that sooner or later people will be able to create mods for this game, and when that happens they can actually create the Ratman. Many myths are possible once you can control the game from a technical standpoint.
Basically, I want the Ratman to be there, but he's not. But in tim that will change.
Oh! Can we see some grainy, fake pictures of him skulking in the subway? Those Leatherface "screenshots" were a lot of fun back in the day.

Listen There a real myth In new york subways call The molepeople if ask me Its just Hobos
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