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Originally Posted by The Shy Child. View Post
If I was the president of a country and I made all the decision then my first one would be to have a no excuses law that when you do kill somebody, you can't blame movies or video games or music for your actions, you choose to kill a person, forms of entertainment don't make people decide to kill someone, their brain do.

That Thai kid made his decision to kill the taxi driver and he knew it was illegal but he did it anyway and because he said GTA IV made him do it, all the people in Thailand will miss out now all because of what one person did.
Yeah there brain does.
But this is where it gets tricky.
They say the game trains their brain (Which is actually proven)
Doesn't mean you have to go rampage though

Oh well it seems blaming video games is the new cool thing to do in town.

I know I should have blamed The Sims when I locked up my neighbour between 4 walls
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