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Originally Posted by Shadow Conception View Post
Isn't this the sorta stuff a five-year old would say?


It makes even less sense because the situation is always different.
yes yes shoulda worded it different but didnt feel like typing out every possible problem.

there is no way to remove dangerous people from society without killing them...I for one dont feel like giving a serial murder 3 meals a day and a warm place to sleep at night for his life sentence.(IE taxes that i pay go to them)

now theres lots of accidental murders maybe no death for them but death for those of the who knew what they were doing and just decided to randomly kill people (canadas greyhound bus incident, this incident, people who murder people because they wouldnt give them thier wallets, etc)

Theives, ok yes we all need food and water to live, thats what food stamps and welfares for(also plenty of moochers of that) if they truley need it then give them what they want. Death for those who steal cars/rob houses/ mug people/ essentially people who screw up peoples lives who work for a living.

And well rape/moleters i mean comon...theres NO excuse for that
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