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Originally Posted by ZCAB View Post
You do realise the death penalty is still used in all but a few of the United States? Some states execute more people than others, sure, and some haven't executed anyone in quite a while, but the US also 'has" the death penalty.
ya really... were the panzies of the criminal justice world... he killed a guy and stole a car he gets death, seems fair to me. Here he woulda done that and blamed gta he would be "insane" and be put in a padded room on like an 8 year sentence...

Thieves, murderers, and people who rape need to be given automatic death penalty. Obviously they cant handle themselves in this world so they need to die since you can accidentally steal something, accidentally go on a stabbing/shooting spree, or accidentally rape anyone. If you remove all the dumbasses then it becomes a better place AND it deters future dumbasses from doing those things.
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