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Originally Posted by LordLeverette View Post
I think that gas would kinda be dumb, considering that normally it'll take hundreds of miles until you run out of gas. Something it would've been nice to see would be the ability to go inside gas stations. We have nut stands, hot dog stands, restaurants, news stands, but we can't go into the gas station to buy some soda (Or rob the place)
yea in real life you can go hundreds of miles on a tank, so really you would wreck the car before you ever have to fill up. if its one you like to keep then well fill it up everynow and then.

if you gusy remember the game called Mafia, those cars could run outa gas. but they rarely ever did they set it to high it took forever to run outa gas. sometimes you would steal a car with low gas and then it would run out. if the gastank gets shot the fuel starts pouring out leaving you with a little left but usually ran out.

i to wish there were auto/manual cars driving about....

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