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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
If anything I read that DLC won't be anything major, certainly not new islands or main story missions, I doubt it'd ever be anything that big, I'm expecting more weapons, more online gaming modes and hopefully more Random characters.
You'd be 100% wrong in what you read. MS didnt pay Rockstar $10 million (more than the budget of Assassins Creed alone) just for "weapons, modes, and randoms". They've clearly stated MULTIPLE times, its episodic.

There will be more missions -- this is a certainty. The most likely scenario is a brand new character (obv not Niko) that has a parallel storyline (probably not as long as Nikos, but still no small matter) in Liberty City. I dont expect new places or things like that, but I do expect missions and storyline stuff, but it will be someone other than Niko. Maybe someone we've already met, maybe not.

It will also never be on PS3. Its not like MS paid chump change for this addons exclusivty, which is essentially what its going to be. The early rumor is that it will be a 2 to 3 GB download (1600 pts cost) and will provide minimum 10 hours more gameplay. $10 Million in the gaming world is like $100 million in the film world. Its more than the budget of many well known and successful games. This is one of the main reasons they're launching the 60 GB Pro model when they are, so theres enough consoles launched when the DLC is released, and when Netflix streaming goes live w/ the fall update. The onlyplace I could foresee this showing up is on the PC version a year or two down the line when they launch a "GOTY" version or something similar. It will be on no other console other than the 360.

It will be the biggest test for MS in terms of Add-Ons, as they've never had anything this expansive before. This is also exactly why it was pushed from the original proposed release date, because Rockstar was not ready yet and nothing like this has been done on this scale before.

Use your brains. If it was something as miniscule as weapons, a mode or two, and random crap, it would've been out already and no one would not care and they would not describe it as episodic. This launch is expected to be the biggest XBox Live launch in history, more than anything that they've ever had on Live before.
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