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Originally Posted by .:Mouldy Punk:. View Post
'Blackcomb' never technically existed. It was always just a codename for the idea of what would succeed XP - there was no actual code or anything relating to it. Microsoft's idea turned out to be too ambitious to be turned into an actual project so Longhorn (Vista) was started as the successor of XP.

The reason why the codename Blackcomb is associated with the upcoming Windows Vienna (Windows 7) is because now those ambitions they had 8 or so years ago are no longer over-ambitious and could actually be a reality.

Also, they didn't release XP SP3 "because Vista failed". If you remember, they have actually released 2 service packs for Windows 2000 after XP was released. Did they consider XP to be a failure? Of course not, it's the world's most successful and popular OS to date.

But anyway, as far as this thread goes;

Normally I'd take something like this with a pinch of salt. It could be that ESRB just assumed there was going to be a port of it for PC for all we know and got it wrong. Or, it could be genuine, you would have thought ESRB would be too professional to make silly assumptions like that.
Don't take me as any other bashing know it all person (cause I don't, I follow what I know and believe)
But they announced "NO MORE SP'S FOR XP" after Vista. Yet they released SP3 with Vista features.
Also Longhorn was also discontinued (Around 2004 - 2005 if I remember correctly)
And Vienna IS Blackbomb.
Even back in the days Blackbomb got renamed to Vienna.

On a side note you're 100% correct with the fact they couldn't achieve their ambitions.
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