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Originally Posted by ash_735 View Post
It's all down to realism and all that Jazz, I know, I know, it takes away from the fun, but it's one aspect that was in dire need of changing, since in past games all of a gangs members looked the same and wore the same stuff and had identical cars, etc, in the real world police would just not bother with undercover units they could just walk up to them and arrest them and that's it. Having Gang members belnd in with the crowed is extreme realism and a gang member wouldn't wave a gun around in the street for no reason unless they were provoked. It's a little confusing, but I've noticed something, they tend to wear SIMILAR clothes and are often the first people to speak to you in the street and usually in a threatening manner.
one problem with that (i underlined it) most of the time they do drive the exact same car (or bike) as the rest of their gang. like in all of my examples in my post on the previous page =P and their cars are special versions of regular cars that exist in the game.
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