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Originally Posted by grittack View Post
I personally think that there are gangs. For example the people who drive the "Red Cavalcades of Death" and "The Blue Sultans of Death" around Alderney City, and the people who drive around in the "Mafia" Sentinels in little italy, and the Black Landstalkers with LCD screens in the back of the headrests in East Holland. There's probably even more than that....
edit, didnt read ur post, but yeah i agree with you 100 percent

youride through areas of china town? jersey? bohan? w.e their called and uve never pulled out your gun and got ran up on by the same looking people and shot to death/car jacked? i thought their was a decent amount of gangs and street thugs, as mentioned before they werent really a part of the story line, but i know their are plenty of gangs, just no real names.
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