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Originally Posted by }{oT~dEv1L 666 View Post
No, they shouldn't. The fact that GTA 2 left out some things in GTA 1, and GTA III left out some things in GTA 2, and GTA VC left out some things that were in GTA III, and so on and so forth, is what makes all the GTAs fun and enjoyable. It is also what makes each game unique, yet all of them have common points.

After all these 11 years, I thought true GTA fans would actually realize this. If GTA IV had all the features all the previously-released titles had, would you go back to playing the past titles and actually enjoy them? I say, perhaps not.

I still play the past titles once in a while now, and it's pretty interesting. I still get a fun and unique experience with each GTA game, and that's what it's supposed to be like. It's not like Saint's Row where you just take the same city and "expand" it with the exact same feeling and atmosphere, and then you throw out the previous games.

Even LCS and VCS, they felt different from GTA III and VC respectively. I think that's a really honorable achievement Rockstar has achieved. If you're really a true GTA fan, just appreciate what each GTA game was and the experience and atmosphere each one provided.

And, on-topic: the new gangs system is much more realistic. I mean, it wouldn't add to the fun if all the pedestrians looked the same. Just like in real-life, you never really know which guy on the street is a bad or a good guy just by the way he or she dresses.
Id say you hit the nail on the head for the most part. As much as we may hate this simple fact, Rockstar games is a business. They stumbled upon a type of game that sold very well. Its not what a fan really cares to hear, but its "smart business" to leave the consumer wanting more.

when more and more people that buy their games, the more revenue they get. The larger the amount of money the company has, the larger the amount of tools they have at their disposal to create a better game than the last. Hype is a very powerful sales tool, and it worked quite well for GTAIV. It pissed some people off, but rockstar is now richer for it.

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