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GTA IV Flying Rat video guides complete!

After a month of pigeon hunting, I'm proud to present GTAGaming's very own <a href="" target="_blank">GTA IV Flying Rat video guides</a>. Loyalists to <a href="" target="_blank">our YouTube account</a> will know that these videos have been in the works for quite some time, but today marked the completion of all 200 pigeons! So, if you're having trouble ridding the streets of Liberty City from these disease-infested animals, our video guides are here to help:
<style type="text/css">.smalltable td { font-size: 11px; }</style>
<center><a href=" 2F970&index=0" target="_blank"><img src="/images/news/1215323512.jpg" border="1" /></a></center>
<a href=" 2F970&index=0" target="_blank">Bohan</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=1" target="_blank">Dukes</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=2" target="_blank">Broker</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=3" target="_blank">Algonquin (Part 1/4)</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=4" target="_blank">Algonquin (Part 2/4)</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=5" target="_blank">Algonquin (Part 3/4)</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=6" target="_blank">Algonquin (Part 4/4)</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=7" target="_blank">Alderney (Part 1/2)</a>, <a href=" 2F970&index=8" target="_blank">Alderney (Part 2/2)</a>

<b>Coming soon:</b> an interactive map with all the pigeon locations plotted (much like our <a href="/gtaiv/guide/unique-stunts" target="_blank">unique stunt jumps</a> and <a href="/gtaiv/guide/stevie-car-thefts" target="_blank">Stevie's car thefts</a> maps).
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