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I'm having problems with getting into cars/bikes/helicopters/boats in Multiplayer Mode. I just hold Triangle/Y the WHOLE time and it takes ages for my character to get in, and while he waits he just dances around his place to sit like a numbskull and eventually when he's low on health, he'll get in. And even sometimes, when I want to go sit on a passenger seat, he just CAN'T get in, I hold Triangle/Y, I repeatedly press it, I ram it, but he just won't get in, and then the driver thinks I'm a jerk, and I have to go find another car while the driver of the car my character won't get into tries to run me over.

BTW, (anti-cheaters, don't read this) when I spawn an Annihilator in Single-Player mode on the middle of the street and I press Triangle/Y to get in, Niko goes really stupid and all he does is take ten steps backwards.
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