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Originally Posted by jonny_zoo View Post
Ehh Jaytow, many true GTA fans would realise how far GTA:IV takes the series from GTA 1 or even GTA:III.
Saints Row is a good game (read my last post in this topic) but whenpeople get Saints Row 2 they will realise that Saints Row is trailing the GTA series rather then improving apon GTA, you get what I'm saying?
Will people please stop calling the persons who don't dislike GTA IV "TRUE GTA fans"?
I'm a GTA fan since day one.
I played GTA I million of hours
As I did with the other GTA's

BUT GTA IV: is weaker than the rest IN MY OPINION.
Does that make me a GTA hater?

And in case you wonder: NO I don't compare it to GTA SA.

GTA SA has 2 much
GTA IV has to little

I do realise they took GTA to a next level.
But I'm sober in my head (mostly) and I also realise they left things out (That pleased group A) to make other things better (That pleased group B)
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