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I think gta in Vice City would be sweet.Img this walking down the street,seeing a house in little havana,you see through the window people partying,you go inside the open door,music is playing people are having a good time.Depending on the time of day if they arnt drunk yet,say 8 pm they say get out of our house,then u come back at 12 pm and they are drunk and don't even care that you are a stranger,they start partying with you as the people next door yell at them to be quiet,next thing you now the cops show up,so you book it over a fence.Come back next day and the house is trashed and people are passed out on couches with the tv still playing.This small house in a large city is just one little thing,but this real life feal that rock star is trying to capture would top it off.It's possible but r* has to do thing like this right not half done.
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