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Seriously, why no chainsaw, machine gun or flamethrower??

Ok , so I understand that with developing GTA on the new consoles they had to spend a lot of time on just recreating the codes and make the game works, so it can be understandable why there is no car customization this time or other big things. But what about the chainsaw, flamethrower , machine gun, there's only 2 melee weapons, a bat and a knife, does someone has an idea why they removed a lot of weapons?? They added the pick-up small objects from the ground, but you can't pick-up much apart from a brick or a bottle of ketchup.

One time a construction worker I saw had a nice jackhammer , so I kill him , jackhammer on the ground but I can't pick it up , so that pick-up fonction is not very exploited. They took so much time to release that game , I thought there was gonna be more content.

You know the reason I can think of?? You will get the chance to buy all that missing stuff as Downloadable content. And I think I,m right. Downloadable content has become a way of cashing in more money by not releasing it all on the disc, then 3-4 months later, common give us another 10 bucks.
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