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I think they should make it in more than one place. Similar to what they did in San Andreas. It's hard to explain but like, start off in America and instead of this bridge opening crap, I think you should get forced out of america, then flee to somewhere down under like New Zealand. It's small here and nobody would know you. Then thats like the 2nd island. Then after that you go to a country in europe or something. Spice it up a little instead of having 1 main map, Start off with the map of where you are in america then you need to fly to the next one and the map changes to the new city. It sounds complicated but playing it would be really cool.
Now, THAT is a really good idea!

Although, I don't know about NZ...

I think GTA should stay in America, or else it wouldn't really feel like GTA.
It'd be easier too, both Rockstar studios are in America.

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