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I miss a fuckin' pigeon! The game's fault !

So I was poppin' the pigeons to get 100% , I have the brady games guide , so I can spot the pigeons easily, some of them are tricky to shoot but with the guide you can get around it rather easy. But the thing is, the game made a mistake, some of you know some of the pigeons are in the same spot right. 2 pigeons in the same spot at about 4 locations, the thing is the game memory forgot to count a pigeon that I shot right after another one in the same spot, so the game says I killed 199 pigeons instead of all 200 , so I'll never get 100% unless I start a brand new game from 0% , that sucks , GTA sucks and full of bugs, If I have one tip to give you all, when you see 2 pigeons in the same spot, don't shoot them fast, shoot one , wait for the xxx pigeons left writing to disappear , then shoot the other, it could fuck up your 100% game completion hope like mine, by the way GTA SUCK BALLS!!!
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