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GTA SA had basically taken the same game engine with the same character models and cars for the 3rd time in a row. It's not hard to make 20 cars and make 50 outfits for the PS2 and then spend time adding in things like BMX bikes and what not because everything else was already done the first two times they released it. In GTA 4 they had to make all of the cars and characters and everything inlcuding the engine itself from scratch. Also consideer that most of these options and deep creative side activities from past GTA's were actually pretty hollow and many of them were not even worth doing. Why have 100 outfits when most of them look stupid and people are only going to use 4 of them the entire game?

Why have 10 differant vehicle missions that are all the same thing? Go from one point on the map to another in a certain time limit. Pimping, Parametic, Taxi, fire fighter, it's all the same thing. Whats the point in working out? Is their some kind of challenge to working out? Nope it was just another option to give the game a feeling of variety where there was none. Flying a jet pack out of area 53? sounds retarded and very unlike GTA to me. All in all I think GTA 4 refined the gameplay for everything that worked and cut out the stuff that was repetative or rotten while adding in new things that actually enhance the way the game interacts with the player like the cell phone for example. What GTA 4 does it does really well and to be honest alot of the things that have been cut out were totally pointless in a gameplay sense to begin with. GTA 3 and GTA 4 have alot in commen when it comes to break through technology and new controls mixed with the same gameplay variety.

I never expected GTA 4 to have more cars and odd ball side missions because it is the first game to be done on this engine. But I have noticed that an intentional effort was put into making the game seem a little more realistic as a whole. Realism isn't everyone's bag so it's not going to please everyone. Like the Taxi and police missions were handled in a more down to earth mannor. I think the dating aspect as lame as it may sound was actually pretty cool and something I wouldn't lable as GTAish either. In the end I think they are on to something with the whole character interaction thing. It was done well but it could be improved much more.

GTA 4 is a great game and the physics, lighting, bump mapping, ect... are all technical features that allow the game to be more immersive and tense. I would agree that the missions feel dry sometimes but I have felt that way since Vice City was realeased. I felt that the majority of the missions in SA just felt off or shallow. Some of them were multifaceted but they never clicked with me. GTA 4 isn't much differant when it comes to the missions but the realism of the game engine has added a bit more of a movie like feel to the missions that has helped me enjoy them more and the new controls have added a little more debth and challenge to the missions overall.

Saint' s row 2 is comming to the PC and I think I will pick it up when it comes out. Considering this will be the second game using that engine I expect a bit more variety but I doubt it will have the polish that GTA 4 had. Also as was mentioned earlier, most of the crazy stuff you can do in Saints row is just another play on things that GTA has done in the past. I don't consider Saints Row to be a break through title but it is still cool and worth playing and considering they have had their game engine out longer than Rockstar it gives them a distinct advantage for adding new features. Hopefully it won't dissapoint. Overall I don't feel that GTA 4 was a dissapointment. I didn't like the ending but it was done well and was worth the price of admission.

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